Logic Editor : arrow to move up/down properties

Authored by Julian Eisel (Severin) on Mar 7 2015, 4:11 PM.



I added operator game_property_move_up and game_property_move_down.
same result that in : https://developer.blender.org/T32292 but no rewrite of the properties list just remove and insert in C code.

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In general this looks fine to me, just added some inline comments for minor things.

Furthermore, I'm not sure if you have seen it, but I recently worked on modifier drag & drop which is generic enough to be used here as well (although it's not ready for that yet).

Maybe it's worth waiting with this and use drag & drop right away?


prevprop can be accessed using prop->prev. Also following our codestyle, index-1 should be index - 1, just as a general note ;)


BLI_listbase_swaplinks(...) makes this a one-liner


Same here of course, prop->next


And here: BLI_listbase_swaplinks(...)

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Use of BLI_listbase_swaplinks and prop->next/prev

I wouldn't say dnd should be the only way to order the stuff, in some cases it might be just faster to single-click on a button than dragging stuff around. So IMO the patch is still valid.

The only thing i'm not totally agree with is having dedicated operators for moving property up and down, it makes more sense to have a single operator with a direction option, so you'll have OBJECT_OT_game_property_move and UP/DOWN will be an enum option of this operator.

Use one function for move down and up.

Would use defines for move directions (PROPERTIES_MOVE_UP & co), makes code cleaner and easier to read. Otherwise looks good to me.

Use of constant for "UP" and "DOWN"

Will commit later. Commandeering so I don't forget it ;)

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Committed rBa8adeeb6fbd3, thanks for the patch :)