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Templates for startup.blend files

Authored by Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) on Apr 9 2015, 1:51 PM.



This patch adds a 'Templates' menu to the splash,
templates can be used to select an alternate startup.blend,

This works a little bit like presets do now, example directory layout (On Linux for eg would be in ~/.config/blender/2.74/).

  • startup.blend (existing startup.blend)
  • startup_templates/3_point_lighting.blend
  • startup_templates/studio_lighting.blend
  • startup_templates/outdoors.blend

(with the same functionality as startup.blend - so you don't accidentally overwrite it by saving).
You can also save new templates from the menu.

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Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) retitled this revision from to Templates for startup.blend files.

Instead of using presets, use a directory next to startup.blend

Some random feedback:

  • Requiring splash for the template selection/saving is probably not so great. Having a File menu entry for those could make sense for those who've go splash disabled?
  • IMO it also makes sense to look into saving user preferences to the template file as well. So you can define startup/template files like "Motion Tracking Environment" or "Sculpting Environment" with all custom keymaps and other weird and wonderful stuff.

Agree Templates, can go in file menu.

I think user preferences is out of scope,

Maybe you want...

  • Hardware profiles (OpenGL. Tablets)
  • Keymaps for different workflows...

But this is really some way of splitting up user preferences.
This patch is just concerned with template startups.

I think that these templates could be used for work at different scene scales.

3D printing (objects in mm) or architecture (house building).
Electronical, terrestrial, astronomical physics.

And maybe, some defaults could be kept and reused by future project of user coordinate spaces.

  • Add access to templates from the file menu
  • No longer show save option from splash (file selector only, since it didnt make much sense from splash)

@ronan ducluzeau (zeauro), not sure different scene scales alone is all that good a use of this feature.
(we could have scene unit presets too).
Its mainly useful for scenes that take some time to setup, different environments, lighting... of course if somone wants to change a single options and make a new preset ... we wont prevent it :)

remove workaround, no logner needed

Think this is ready user review now.

My remark was not about creating templates for one setting.
I just want to point that scale is an important setting in a template.

For a preset about 3D printing, grid can represent most common model of bed of a 3D printer of 200 mm with a grid of 100 lines.
Timeline is not needed in default screen...
For architecture, camera clipping can be different, etc...

My goal was just to introduce other ideas that the ones based on lighting.

  • Fix exception when the path is missing

Hi Campbell,
Can you commit it for user testing and maybe some first submissions of templates?

I'd like to give this script a try. How do I go about doing this?


This looks to be the inspiration of what was added to 2.79.

As a variation of this has been merged, this should be closed?