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Cycles: Simplify scale-move transform for raster to camera transformation

Authored by Sv. Lockal (lockal) on May 10 2015, 11:00 PM.



This gives a minor speedup (~5%) for viewport render for simple scenes

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Sv. Lockal (lockal) retitled this revision from to Cycles: Simplify scale-move transform for raster to camera transformation.May 10 2015, 11:00 PM
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Based in the fact, that no rotation/shear transformations are used with rastertocamera transform, and perspective coefficient is never zero (how could it be?).

Also it looks like transform_perspective in msvc is affected by a similar problem, that was fixed in rBbf11e362c5418ec40dc0437d329efceb225eb5ef. Anyway, this patch replaces full matrix transformation with 2 fma's and removes 3 divisions from critical path (division unit of sandy bridge and haswell arch is overloaded for camera_sample).

Several things here:

  • This code is run once per pixel per sample, so it's really weird that the change gives 5% speedup.
  • I don't see any measurable difference on both CPU and GPU here.
  • Cycles api is actually prefers to use float2/float3/float4 for arguments communication instead of passing separate arguments
  • Is this 2d3d thing something commonly used to denote transformation related on only translation/scale?
  • move is something new term, guess it should be translation ?

Superseded by completely another more complex approach. Still experimenting, but new patch has nothing common with this patch, so closing this one.