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Fix for T46622

Authored by Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) on Nov 2 2015, 10:07 AM.



Metaballs were searching through particle systems on all layers,

This caused a crash (T46622), where the ParticleSystem was on a hidden layer, The iterator would attempt to generate dupli-particles, crashing when accessing psmd->dm which was NULL.

now restrict this to objects on scene layers, so we can be sure data for them is generated.

As far as I can see, alternative solutions could be...

  • Calculate all particle-system-derived-meshes on all layers (when metaballs with duplis are used). - (overkill, but would work so including for completeness)
  • Calculate DerivedMesh for particle systems on demand (would likely need to lock the thread) - (this is similar to calculating meshes on draw, which we try to avoid).
  • Add NULL check for psmd->dm to avoid the crash (will give unpredictable results... since the data may have been calculated previously).

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