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Manual: New License

Authored by Tobias Heinke (TobiasH) on Apr 24 2016, 4:41 PM.



Removes the CC0 mark and replaces it by the CC-BY-SA

The new file is added to the about section.
The license notice in the HTML footer is changed.


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Should the Blender Institute be represented as a publisher?
Or a note about the word "Blender" as a trademark?

The original copyrights are Blender Foundation. Sometimes it's useful to mention, but not in the general license text. That Blender is a trademark we can leave out of this text too.

OPL is very close to CC-BY-SA. I need time to study how to handle this...

I don't wanted to urge you, I'm very glad, that I don't have to do it.

I think, that the Sphinx manual is an new product on its own and
currently it's under CC0, because it never stated else in itself.

@Thomas Dinges (dingto):
If I understood it right then the manual never meant to be under CC0.
This would be a temporary step back to the old OCL license of the wiki.

My plan is to change to a CC-BY or +SA in the future.

The old license has a copyleft component. So it's closer to CC-BY-SA than CC-BY. It's not 100% compatible though. CC-BY-SA is a bit stricter.

Here's a decision I would support:

  • Convert all OCL content to CC-BY-SA in the new manual
  • Add a license page in the manual that tells that we migrated old OCL content to CC-BY-SA. Tell that the original content is still OCL (link to download or read), and that the new CC-BY-SA is nearly identical and also copyleft. Add email address for people to send questions to if they have.

For new content advise to use CC-BY-SA, or CC0. At choice of the authors. I slightly lean towards CC0 (for re-use), but many authors might like "share alike' better.

Ok, CC-BY-SA it is, I'm going to update this diff.

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A plagiarism of

citation: whole manual or per side.
email: no subject and no contact person
previous: Blender versions 2.4 - 2.77 or year 2004 - 2016

Is v2.4 correct and are there licenses in between need to be mentioned?

Blender Artistic is not listed.

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Move to code block?

I tried already, but it has to be parsed:

in the theme: monospaced font in a full line wide box (gray border, white background)

Don't if know if it's worth a CSS rule (besides the font, probably font size and spacing has to be solved).
The use of a existing rule set doesn't solves the spacing issues.

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