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Cycles: OpenCL split kernel SSS

Authored by Hristo Gueorguiev (nirved) on Oct 20 2016, 12:12 PM.



This patch adds SSS to OpenCL split kernel.

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rB Blender

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Hristo Gueorguiev (nirved) retitled this revision from to Cycles: OpenCL split kernel SSS.
Hristo Gueorguiev (nirved) updated this object.
Hristo Gueorguiev (nirved) set the repository for this revision to rB Blender.

Added missing ccl_global definitions.

More missing ccl_global.

Fixed queuing and indentation. SOA is not supported.

Fixed more indentation.

Can this patch be updated to work with current master, Doesn't patch currently

Update against latest master. Fixed queue bug. Fixed indentation.

Patch still doesn't apply

The patch had wrong newline characters.

This comment was removed by James W E Bird (3dLuver).

@James W E Bird (3dLuver) this is really not the place for such a demand. Many of these are very demanding and will end up giving Blender a bad name. Blender is as you know an open source software having these kinds of demands ruins the open source software image. Some of these are ok if Blender were a company but we are not we are a community. It would be appreciated if do not use Differentials for this kind of communications.


Aaron Carlisle

I haven't demanded anything? I don't see anything i said that goes against open source.. just good practice.

The patch timeline wasn't meaning patches not updated just get scrapped just that a system of patch updates be worked out that stays relevant beyond 12-24 hours.

Well no one can say i didn't try.

Yep this is the last cry for sanity ill post, I promise not to use this space in this fashion again.

It should not be a big problem for reviewers if patches go out of date, it's always possible to apply them to a version of the code from around the time the patch was submitted. That's what we have version control for, no need to attach archives with source code. Contributors may be asked to update the patch by other developers, but there's no reason to spend time continually doing that.

There are no multiple files named device.h in Cycles or even Blender, and even if we were distinguishing files by directory or module that's quite standard for bigger software projects.

The communication channels for Cycles are IRC (if you're lucky someone with the relevant knowledge is online) , the bf-cycles mailing list (for general questions and discussion, like your comment here) and this website (for discussing specific bugs and patches). See the Cycles project page.

Skype is not convenient for most developers, because they are not in the same time zone, have day jobs and other responsibilities, or need to be able to spend time doing concentrated work without disruption. For that reason most communication is asynchronous, being able to talk to someone live is more a matter of luck. We're happen to listen to suggestions to make it easier to contribute, but one way or the other the life of an open source contributor (or a software developer in general) involves working out a lot of things by themselves and getting experienced before you can be efficient.

Yeah sorry, Ive just done a duplicate file check on everything and there are no duplicate device files, Looks like VS did something weird because ive got 6 different branches of modified blender setup. Guess i should take the time just to look through all the source file names just to get up to date.

@Hristo Gueorguiev, This patch even in early state works great as far as i can see so far.

CPU Kernel, SSS: Stoped render at 1hour 32 mins,

OpenCL Split Kernel GPU: 17 mins 12

Very cool.

This comment was removed by James W E Bird (3dLuver).
Sergey Sharybin (sergey) edited edge metadata.EditedNov 28 2016, 12:32 PM

Ooops, got confused and replied to the wrong patch. Sorry for the noise :)

This particular patch i failed to fail, seems it behaving correct in all the corner cases i've run into while working on Burley SSS.

Didn't go into code details yet tho.

Hristo Gueorguiev (nirved) edited edge metadata.

Update against latest master.