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Print3D add-on: naming consistency
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Authored by Mikhail Rachinskiy (alm) on Oct 21 2016, 8:27 PM.
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Currently there is an issue with naming of Print3D (aka 3D Print Toolbox) add-on as you will see on the picture below:

There is in total five places where users see the name of the add-on:

  1. 3D Print Toolbox in add-on title in User Preferences
  2. 3D Printing in Tool Shelf tab
  3. Print3D in Tool Shelf panel title
  4. Print3D in operator popup menu
  5. Print3D in Operator Redo panel (not shown on the screenshot)

From where I see it I think it should be apparent that both add-on title and Tool Shelf tab should be changed to Print3D. It's shorter, less generic and easier to remember name that already used across the add-on, for the exception of two places. And of course tutorial makers would finally use one specific name for this add-on.

This change won't produce compatibility issues.

UPD: Campbell's request: change title from "Print3D" to "Print3D Toolbox".

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Campbell's request: change title from "Print3D" to "Print3D Toolbox".

I find reallt strange to go with "Print3D" (together).

@Julian Eisel (Severin) is there any rule on Blender's UI for those?

Don't think we have some written down rules for this anywhere, but "Print3D" is no good naming to be exposed in UI. Terms "3D Printing" or "3D Print" (depends on context) seem better to me.

In that case, would that be acceptable?

  1. 3D Print Toolbox for add-on's title and Tool Shelf panel title
  2. 3D Printing for Tool Shelf tab category
  3. 3D Print for Operator Popup Menu and Operator Redo panel

Then only Tool Shelf panel title and operator bl_label properties will be affected by this patch.