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Fix crash on null pointer dereference of arm->edbo

Authored by Xingyi HU (huxingyi) on Jan 28 2017, 11:00 AM.



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start blender
  2. Remove the default generated mesh
  3. Add / Armature / Single Bone
  4. Change to Edit Mode
  5. (E)clude and left click
  6. File / Export / Collada (Default) (.dae) / Export COLLADA
  7. Crash

Diff Detail

rB Blender

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Xingyi HU (huxingyi) retitled this revision from to Fix crash on null pointer dereference of arm->edbo.
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Hi, Xingyi HU

Thanks for reporting and sending in your patch!
However, your patch would have only fixed the symptoms and disguised the real issue.

The true reason for the Blender crash was a bug in the Collada exporter that broke edit data. I fixed this in the Collada exporter and now all should be well again.