Give setting to bring back the old lock to cursor functionality.

Authored by Charles Scoville (CharlesScoville) on Jul 4 2017, 1:08 AM.



In Blender 2.74 and earlier, with "Properties Region > Lock to Cursor" enabled, the 3D cursor would stay centered in the viewport. With patch rBc5748f3cc755 a new "feature" was added that makes lock to cursor behave nonsensically; it will no longer center the camera on the cursor by default, forcing the user to hit the Home key repeatedly.

This patch adds a ui tick box under "User Preferences > Interface > View Manipulation" that gives back the old (2.74 and earlier) lock to cursor functionality, without breaking patch rBc5748f3cc755 functionality. This setting is off by default for the (highly unlikely) possibility that the majority of people actually like the new feature. It is also in a place people who like the old way are likely to look. See this picture...

Expounding my rational.
rBc5748f3cc755 was allegedly created to prevent camera jumping when the 3D cursor was moved, as well as possibly having something to do with possible lost 3D cursor.

The problem for some is that there were already several other ways to fix lost cursor (shift+c, Alt+home, etc.) and the jumping around was the natural and expected behavior. The rBc5748f3cc755 change may have fixed one or both of those issues, but it also created a new problem that had NO solution; keeping the cursor locked in the center of viewport. Furthermore, changing the user interface without sufficient justification creates a moving target. This causes confusion and requires relearning for users of the effected feature.

However, I recognized that this feature's usefulness is a matter of opinion, and that some might actually like the 2.75+ way, so I felt it best to make the reversion to old ways an opt in setting. This way, I would not be committing the same sin of making the ui a moving target, choice is now possible, and everyone can be happy.

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Hello, is it fixed ? Because i can't use the newest version with that glitch, ty


Hello friend. (^_^)

... is it fixed ? ...

My patch fixes the problem, but it has not been added to official Blender... yet? (It may never be?!)

Until then, here is my own build of Blender with the above fix. (Windows only. No install, just run it from the folder.)

... Because i can't use the newest version with that glitch, ty

I too can't use the versions of Blender past 2.74. This is why I made and shared this fix. Hopefully it gets added.

If not, I'll probably do something more about it. Like forking the project, or make YouTube rant to get the public at large to see the BS.

... open source is great :3

So cool, i will try your patch later then ! Thank you, and if that work, be sure you will make someone really happy ! :)

ok well, I can't use it, I'm on mac...

ok well, I can't use it, I'm on mac...


Hang in there, we are looking to maybe get this into official Blender as soon as possible.

Looks like Campbell Barton has done his own fix... see this commit.

If this works the way you want, then it may mean you can now use the newest release.