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GSoC 2016 - Intersect tool
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Authored by João Araújo (genio84) on Jul 26 2017, 1:36 PM.



For GSoC 2016 I added some new tools to work with Bezier Curves. However, since the final patch was too big for review, I was advised to submit the new tools as individual patches.

This commit implements the "Intersect" tool, aka old "Extend" tool. The reason the name was changed was to rename the "Batch Extend" tool to "Extend".

To avoid too much confusion, I will only submit the next tool's diff after this one has been accepted.

I took the liberty of adding all subscribers of the original final GSoC patch submission. Feel free to unsubscribe if you are uninterested in this topic.

Every piece of feedback is welcome!



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Cool, lets get this into 2.8! :)

Very helpful for review. It's a pleasure to see a student with so long commitment.

Very helpful for review. It's a pleasure to see a student with so long commitment.

Lets indulge him and review this, a lot of people are very eager to get this into Blender :)

Hi, I've left some opening comments for review on style and naming. I'll need to spend some more time with the logic for this.

Also, I am receiving assertion failures when executing the OT, this should be fixed: BLI_assert failed: /home/kevin/blender-git/blender/source/blender/blenkernel/intern/curve.c:747, BKE_nurb_bezt_get_prev(), at 'nu->pntsv == 1'


There should be a space between for and (


Opening { should be on the same line as for - this style should be used for all iteration and conditional statements. See


Functions should be called after variable declarations.


Same line as opening statement for {


Same line as opening statement for {


I don't think it makes sense to use the old name here - should probably replace all instances of extend with intersect