Fix T42489 / T52936

Authored by LazyDodo (LazyDodo) on Oct 4 2017, 4:46 PM.



This patch band-aids (not super happy with the solution, but also don't really see a nicer way) the issues with minimized windows in T42489 / T52936

Problem seems to be coming from the initial layout of the window, if the window is too small or has a bogus width and height, the layout engine kinda goes wonky. (haven't looked into why, but it's easy to guess what could go wrong there) , on top of that on windows you do not get sane values for `GetClientRect` on minimized windows. This patch band-aids the issue by checking if the newly created window has a valid size and only overwrite the stored values if that is the case.

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Changes in ghost seems fine to me. Some suggestion on blender side, but i'm not really expert in this area.


Should it be more explicit check here? Like

if (GHOST_GetWindowState(win->ghostwin) == GHOST_kWindowStateMinimized) {

Or at least avoid calling GHOST_Get{Width,Height}Rectangle twice.


tested with

if (GHOST_GetWindowState(win->ghostwin) != GHOST_kWindowStateMinimized) {

and while this works equally well, it might change behavior on platforms that do give sane values for non visible windows.

Your call really, i have no strong preference here.


But why would we want to update size of invisible windows to begin with? :)

It's not my call, i'll leave the call to someome more familiar here :P Both ways are fine to me.

Seems fine generally. We could also add an assert in GHOST_GetClientBounds for this.


We do a similar test in ghost_event_proc, I prefer to do the same here.

/* win32: gives undefined window size when minimized */
if (state != GHOST_kWindowStateMinimized) {
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