Temporary fix for T53257: Too many color management transforms to display in the menu
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Authored by Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina) on Nov 15 2017, 10:57 PM.



This is a tentative workaround for T53257.

Calls the prop directly using search with bl_rna access if there is more than 30 items to display.

Preferably this should be solved, if possible, on a widget level > changing the call if there are too many items to display.
The current UI behavior is not capable of dealing with complexity. The Aces 1.03 has over 300 of entries which will get cut of the screen.
For instance all EnumProperty entries, as the generator script from the mentioned task will do the same.

Until that bright day in the future, when everything will be amazing under the everlasting Blender Sun, this hack can silently work it's wacky shenanigans until it can happily ride into the sunset, not to be missed.

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Think it would be better to change this in our UI code, so we have a limit where large lists are displayed with a search box.

Otherwise we need workarounds in each area that might happen to show a large list.

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I agree, however is that something that could be done from the python side or it needs changes in the C code?