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Bone Selection Sets: cleanup + new features

Authored by Sybren A. Stüvel (sybren) on Feb 7 2018, 2:01 PM.



This diff does a couple of things; all new features come from requests made by our animators (@Hjalti Hjálmarsson (hjalti) mostly).

Note that here this is all shown as one change, but there are multiple separate commits for cleanup and each feature.

  • New feature: Shift+Alt+W shows a popup menu with the currently available selection sets. This allows our animators to quickly use the selection sets from within the 3D View.
  • New feature: Copy & Paste of selection sets. The copied Selection Set is stored as JSON document on the clipboard, like {"name": "SelectionSet", "bones": ["Bone", "Bone.001"]}. Using JSON allows the animator to copy/paste selection sets through text-based communication channels (IRC, email, bug reports, etc.). When pasting, a new Selection Set is always made, regardless of whether one with the same name already exists.
  • Cleanup: simplified some poll() methods. Inverting the condition allows for simpler code and non-conditional core functionality.
  • Cleanup: using cls instead of self in poll() methods, as they are class methods and don't receive a 'self'.
  • Cleanup: PEP-8 formatting
  • Bumped version from 2.0.1 → 2.1.0

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Feedback from Inês:

  • Move menu to 'Select' menu instead of 'Pose' > 'Show/Hide'
  • Fix label of menu
  • Fix
  • sssel_set
  • Discuss name collisions; maybe change either old or new to xxx.001 etc.


  • Change menu to use index rather than name (to allow duplicates)

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