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F12 offline Freestyle rendering support in Eevee

Authored by Tamito Kajiyama (kjym3) on Feb 26 2018, 6:27 PM.



This patch adds F12 offline Freestyle rendering support to Eevee.

Most functionalities are identical with those found in Cycles.

The only major difference is that the per-view layer "use Freestyle" toggle
option is currently placed in the "Passes" panel of the "View Layers"
properties window instead of a "Layer" panel as in Cycles. Since Freestyle
is a post-processed overlay and not a pass, the present option location is
a compromise. To describe this fact, the per-layer "use Freestyle" option
is in a subsection labeled as "Layer".

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Since this is the first time I touched the Eevee related area of code, I would add three of you as a tentative group of reviewers. Please, introduce a better reviewer if any.

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It turned out that I was testing the patch based on an old copy of the blender2.8 branch. After a merge-and-push, a Freestyle-enabled Eevee F12 render leads to a crash. I should have tested the merged code before pushing it to the repository. I have just revered the commit for now. The crash comes from a to-do item described as Note 2 of the commit rBc14925bddf9b, and related work seems ongoing on the temp-render-depsgraph branch. I will wait for the things settled and then bring the patch back to the repository.

Hi @Tamito Kajiyama (kjym3),

The temp-render-depsgraph branch was merged. Now would be a good time to tackle freestyle in blender 2.8.
I did some digging and got it partially working: D3086 (or if you want the individual commits: P627).

The problem is I'm getting too much memory leakage on exit after rendering. Could you take from here? A good test is a file with multiple render layers, which one showing different objects. Let me know if you need any help or if you want to discuss more details.

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