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"Nearest only" option for the curve guide
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Authored by Yasuhiro Fujii (y-fujii) on Apr 23 2018, 3:33 PM.



This small patch adds the "Nearest only" option to the curve guide. When this option is enabled, each particle is affected by the nearest curve guide only. I believe this patch makes hair modeling better with curve guides.

The parameter "Jitter" controls the amount of noise added to the position, which is used to determine the nearest curve guide. It does not affect to the actual position of the particle itself. This feature is useful for filling the gaps between different curve guide regions.

  • Jitter parameter UI is not disabled even if nearest-only option is not checked because it also affects other curve guides.
  • "Use max" option can be used together with nearest-only option.
  • The patch is created for Blender 2.7x but also applicable to Blender 2.8.
  • Screenshot:
  • .blend file:

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Konstantin (Ko) added a subscriber: Konstantin (Ko).

Lukas T. I just hope what this doesnt go in perpendicular with your work in hair_guides branch.

Update for the latest master with additional comments and improvements about random number generator states.

I know that particle/hair related code is currently orphaned and this patch is unlikely to merge.
I hope that this patch is considered as one of a proposal (and an implementation) to improve hair/particle modeling.