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Screw modifier port to 2.8

Authored by Christian Hubert (alikendarfen) on May 10 2018, 12:54 PM.



Noticed some exceptions (happen in blender2.8 too, before this revision). The stack trace:

	blender.exe!atomic_cas_uint64(unsigned __int64 * v, unsigned __int64 old, unsigned __int64 _new) Line 59	C
 	blender.exe!atomic_cas_ptr(void * * v, void * old, void * _new) Line 188	C
 	blender.exe!BLI_linklist_lockfree_insert(LockfreeLinkList * list, LockfreeLinkNode * node) Line 79	C
 	blender.exe!icon_add_to_deferred_delete_queue(int icon_id) Line 668	C
 	blender.exe!BKE_icon_id_delete(ID * id) Line 678	C
 	blender.exe!BKE_material_free(Material * ma) Line 107	C
 	blender.exe!BKE_libblock_free_datablock(ID * id, const int UNUSED_flag) Line 802	C
 	blender.exe!DEG::deg_free_copy_on_write_datablock(ID * id_cow) Line 792	C++
 	blender.exe!DEG::deg_update_copy_on_write_datablock(const DEG::Depsgraph * depsgraph, const DEG::IDDepsNode * id_node) Line 697	C++
 	blender.exe!DEG::deg_evaluate_copy_on_write(Depsgraph * graph, const DEG::IDDepsNode * id_node) Line 809	C++
 	[External Code]	
 	blender.exe!DEG::deg_task_run_func(TaskPool * pool, void * taskdata, int thread_id) Line 97	C++
 	blender.exe!task_scheduler_thread_run(void * thread_p) Line 442	C
 	pthreadVC2.dll!00007ffeb290627b()	Unknown
 	pthreadVC2.dll!00007ffeb2908eb7()	Unknown
 	pthreadVC2.dll!00007ffeb2909102()	Unknown
 	[External Code]

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