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Multi objects edit - UV_OT_smart_project

Authored by Alan Troth (Al) on May 15 2018, 4:04 PM.



Multi objects edit - UV_OT_smart_project

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rB Blender
UV_OT_smart_project (branched from blender2.8)
Build Status
Buildable 1799
Build 1799: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

Alan Troth (Al) planned changes to this revision.May 15 2018, 5:19 PM

Looking further to see if there's a list of meshes that are in edit mode.

Selected meshes are now coming from the context.view_layer.

Alan Troth (Al) planned changes to this revision.May 31 2018, 9:23 PM

A couple of days extra python operator experience...

  • Replaced an exception with a report.
  • Fixed bug where wasn't available.
  • Tightened operator poll.

So, I managed to get the required changes to a minimum: rB67682f567b7fb5882b69056bc55a793bc0ca48b0.
Followed by a cleanup commit: rB67682f567b7fb5882b69056bc55a793bc0ca48b0

Your extra changes are welcome, but I thought it is better to separate refactor from port to multiple-objects. If you want to get this script in a better shape I recommend also making it pep8 compliant.

For the records, no need to change from context.active_object to, they should be the same.