Add support for tiled images and the UDIM naming scheme
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Authored by Lukas Stockner (lukasstockner97) on Jun 28 2018, 12:43 AM.



This patch contains the work that I did during my week at the Code Quest - adding support for tiled images to Blender.

With this patch, images now contain a list of tiles. By default, this just contains one tile, but if the source type is set to Tiled, the user can add additional tiles. When acquiring an ImBuf, the tile to be loaded is specified in the ImageUser.
Therefore, code that is not yet aware of tiles will just access the default tile as usual.

The filenames of the additional tiles are derived from the original filename according to the UDIM naming scheme - the filename contains an index that is calculated as (1001 + 10*<y coordinate of the tile> + <x coordinate of the tile>), where the x coordinate never goes above 9.
Internally, the various tiles are stored in a cache just like sequences. When acquired for the first time, the code will try to load the corresponding file from disk. Alternatively, a new operator can be used to initialize the tile similar to the New Image operator.

The following features are supported so far:

  • Automatic detection of tiled images when selecting a 1001 tile in the Image Open operator
  • Saving all tiles
  • Reloading all tiles
  • Adding and removing tiles
  • Filling tiles with generated images
  • Drawing all tiles in the Image Editor
  • Viewing a tiled grid even if no image is selected
  • Rendering tiled images in Cycles (in SVM mode)
  • Automatically skipping loading of unused tiles in Cycles
  • Rendering tiled images in Eevee
  • 2D texture painting (also across tiles)
  • 3D texture painting (also across tiles, only limitation: individual faces can not cross tile borders)
  • Assigning custom labels to individual tiles (drawn in the Image Editor instead of the ID)
  • Per-tile resolutions and aspect ratios

The current state of this patch is that tiled images are usable, but there probably still are quite a few bugs.

The most important ToDo is support for tiled textures in the regular viewport. Also, OSL mode in Cycles doesn't work yet.

Of course, there also are many remaining areas that still need to be changed to support tiled textures (for example: UV editing tools, baking, dynamic paint...), but this could be added later.

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rB Blender
udim (branched from temp-udim-images)
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Buildable 1851
Build 1851: arc lint + arc unit

UDIMs are now supported in the workbench engine and texture painting mode.

Also, I've merged in the latest blender2.8 changes.