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Simplify Particles
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Authored by Scott Jenkins (beetlegiest) on Feb 26 2014, 12:27 PM.



This simplifies meshes by turning off particle data. In large scenes with multiple particle modifiers on multiple meshes it can become quite taxing on the cpu. Even with 0 display since the particle data is still bound to mesh it can make working with mesh very cumbersome. This disables the particle system in the scene so the objects can be worked on without the particle system eating up cpu resources.

Enough changed from the last checkins of this work that a new commit was best choice.

See D351 and D337 for history

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@Scott Jenkins (beetlegiest), no need to submit a new patch for each change, this patch could have been submitted as an update to D351 from the looks of it.

Ok sorry about that, next time I'll keep them all in same version.

Scott Jenkins (beetlegiest) updated this revision to Unknown Object (????).Feb 28 2014, 1:43 AM

Simplify should toggle the particle simplification on and off. Added a check to toggle this flag.

I have emailed Brecht on this patch and he has not responded. By his lack of response can that be considered a non disapproval and therefor the toggle can be marked approved and included?

The author probably will need to update it since this patch has sat in limbo for several months waiting for Brecht's approval. So it is unclear what happens next when a dev never gets around to approving or disapproving a patch.

This is a very popular feature requested by many people we work with and everyone who is told about it so please let's find a way to implement it for 2.72.

BeetleGiest, even though they would be simple and brief, are user docs completed for this patch? Any side effects of the toggle on workflow or other tools is probably most important even though they are minor.


Originally Posted by el_diablo on a ba thread
"I look forward on dependency graph development, since its current state made me ditch Blender halfway through a project more than once. Make a complex boolean-play-it gets evaluated every frame even though nothing changes. Add 10 mil particles click a field in the parameters-click out, everything gets recalculated even though (you guessed it) nothing changed."

My response:
"IIRC there was a patch submitted earlier this year for temporarily toggling unneeded recalcs off to fix the issue you describe if I understand you correctly. It was never given final approval for inclusion so it died in patch approval hell as it's called. I was just talking to the dev yesterday about it during a game designer meeting. It is such a needed improvement so people don't pull their hair out of their head. He said he was going to take a look and see if it still applies even though it is from back in February. Maybe if we make more noise by spinning the squeaky wheel it will get approved. ; )"

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) requested changes to this revision.

if it's still an issue then please update the patch to the latest git. The code around particles and simplification changes a fair amount..

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Feb 4 2015, 9:08 PM