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Ubuntu 18.04 System Bookmarks filter out SNAPS

Authored by Roel Koster (kostex) on Oct 27 2018, 11:48 PM.



in 2009 you've stated in the code (fsmenu.c) that filtering system bookmarks on /dev should get you all the relevant ones..
I've recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 and it makes use of SNAPS which are entered in the mountlist as

These should not show up in the system bookmarks when opening/saving in Ubuntu
I've made a small patch to filter them out.
Adjust at will ;-)


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BTW.. I don't know if this qualifies as feature request, but when starting out with Linux years ago, I always found it difficult to find shares made by Nautilus/Files (UI) in Ubuntu and other distro's. A new user will have that same "where are they in Blender" question.
Maybe have them available too? The /run/user/<username>/gvfs folder I mean.


If you want to contribute another patch to list shares from Gnome or other desktops, we would be happy to have it. It would be good to check if there is a freedesktop standard for this kind of thing, or some other convention that is used by other software, before guessing the appropriate directories.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Oct 28 2018, 3:14 PM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.

Hi Brecht,

I've noticed another snap related folder shows up in the filesystems list which doesn't belong in the Volumes list.
On my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system a file system entry shows up in Blenders' File Manager:
/dev/nvme0n1p2 : /tmp/snap.rootfs_MpPbk3
I don't quite know why this appears now.. never seen it before.

To filter it out something like this could be added:

else if (STRPREFIX(mnt->mnt_dir, "/tmp")) {

I wasn't quite sure how to submit this little patch so forgive me for pasting it here in this message.