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object fracture crack addon v0.2: Detailed input and real-time editing feature
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Authored by Nobuyuki Hirakata (Gappy1) on Nov 15 2018, 11:00 AM.
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It's still not working in 2.8.

Almost 10 times lower calculation time:
By not showing making fracture sequence in view port. And divide crack operator into crack operator and surface operator.
For suzanne, 5.5699sec to 0.3451sec to make crack.

working flow has been changed:
After clicking "1.crack" or "2.sruface" button in toolshelf, users can change values and editing mesh, seeing the result on panel below toolshelf.
It is useful for many input value and see how the result is.

Added input for "1.Crack":

  • Almost all input came from Cell Fracture addon. Simplify Base Mesh and Change Location is added newly.

From: "Grease pencil", "particle own", "particle child", "verts own", "verts child"
Simplify base Mesh: decimate mesh first for object which has many faces.
Crack Limit.
Change Location: Change location of created object for visibility during editing.
Random Crack point.
Split Edge.
Recursion Limit Crack
Recursion Chance
Recursion Chance Select.

Added input for "2,Surface":

  • Except for "wireframe", all input came from multiextrude() or modifier attachment for post processing.

Simplify: Decimate modifier values attached cracked object.
Loose | TIght: Simplify modifier values.
Extrude Blob:
Extrude Random:
Extrude Num:
WireFrame Modifier: Apply wireframe modifier with Even Thickness=False, Thickness=0.01.

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Added material preset:

All material's displacement node was deleted.