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Replace deprecated finite() to isfinite()
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Authored by Roel Koster (kostex) on Nov 19 2018, 9:47 AM.



When compiling blender (2.80), a lot of warnings are generated stating FINITE() is deprecated and ISFINITE() should be used..
exactly what I did ;-)

Thanks for looking into it,
ps. I guess this should be done for 2.79 as well

N.B. my editor removed a lot of trailing spaces too.. messes up the patch a bit.. but left them in because well.. they need to go too ;-)

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rB Blender

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You should avoid mixing trailing spaces cleanups with other changes.

Furthermore, it seems like it would be better to fix this upstream first.

Regarding spaces.. I told you in my post myself, no need to tell me.
I don't know what you mean regarding "upstream"
This proposed patch was just to inform you about a deprecated finite function..
If there is discussion needed to get them out, then count me out.. close the call.. it's not important enough to take up this much time.
I bet you got better things to do than these small issues.