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Symmetric Pivot for mirror modifier
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Authored by Takahiro Komatsu (Allosteric) on Nov 26 2018, 5:05 PM.



I am often annoyed when, I make some symmetric mesh, delete the other side and try to scale them when I end up re-scaling with the pivot center on one side.

To get this solved, I would like to propose a symmetric pivot (I am not good at naming functions so please some one come up with a better name).

This will use the mirrored vertices to calculate the pivot center (only when the pivot is at median point. This is an option for each mirror modifier.

I've done several tests on various object orientations and mirrored objects. I've also tested several mirror modifiers, some on and some off.

There are several TODOs (none of which do I know how to tackle) and concerns.

  1. I moved mul_v3_fl(partial, 1.0f / (float)total); from outside the FOREACH_TRANS_DATA_CONTAINER to inside it. I'm not quite sure what this may cause.
  2. The UI is likely to be very complex on multi-object edit since the modifier is not visible thus not the Symmetric Pivot Option too.
  3. The 3d-gizmo center and the median coordinates in the N panel will not be in the actual pivot point.

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