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Bevel modifier add invert vertex group option
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Authored by Andrew Williams (sobakasu) on Jan 2 2019, 2:10 AM.



This patch adds an invert vertex group button to the bevel modifier vertex group option.

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rB Blender

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Thanks for the patch aiming to improve bevel functionality.

I am not opposed to this but am also not sure that this is a needed-enough feature that it is worth adding to the option list. Our general guidance has been to resist the desire to add lots of options, as it complicates the UI and documentation and user understanding. The functionality afforded by this feature is easy to achieve by just added a new vertex group that is the inverse of the one chosen. And that has added flexibility: e.g., what if you want to bevel everything but two vertex groups instead of just one?

I'd be interested to hear what other developers and artists feel before adding this option.

I think it wont be super useful, but also it is not unuseful at all - i see cases where it could be handy eg. 2 bevels with different mittering setting, using single group to control influence would be easyer to work with than using 2 groups.
And i don't think it bring complication to UI/documentation/user understanding cause vertex group invert influence is quite common (eg mask in blender and it works (at least for me) straight forward.