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Fix T60328: Stereoscopy Convergence Plane broken

Authored by Dalai Felinto (dfelinto) on Jan 9 2019, 12:16 PM.



This is a partial revert of rBfbc65c6b28fb4cec4ad67ba0345cd045914af20e.

I wonder if the imbuf_offscreen functions should still use _eval for
their calculations since you may have a new depsgraph for rendering.
But for now I only left ob_eval for the modifiers.

The original issue is that we were changing the camera shiftx
temporarily for the stereoscopic calculation. However we are using the
evaluated object when calculating the projection matrix.

Note: Camera framing drawing for stereo still seems to be broken.
But the viewport itself is now correct.

Diff Detail

rB Blender
temp-fix-stereo (branched from master)
Build Status
Buildable 2713
Build 2713: arc lint + arc unit

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Viewport always points to an original camera object, so to get proper current value of lens and such BKE_camera_params_from_view3d need to get an evaluated version of the camera.

With an animation taken into account this change will only work because every window is currently considered to have an active dependency graph. Once we will become serious about the idea of preview window with an on-going animation this change will break the viewport.

P.S. Is great you're working on this, but please solve things which are aligned with a more global picture. Don't apply quick short-living fixes, since that's just delaying the actual problem. And in the future such a broken window will surely be considered a dependency graph issue which i would need to go back and sanitize this fix yet again ;)

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) requested changes to this revision.Jan 9 2019, 12:29 PM
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jan 9 2019, 12:29 PM

No worries the time I spent was actually understanding and nailing down the issue. The patch itself is a conversational piece about which way to go indeed. Not even close to the core of the workload by any means. I will update the patch soon with an alternative fix.

  • Revert "Fix T60328: Stereoscopy Convergence Plane broken"
  • Fix T60328: Stereoscopy Convergence Plane broken