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UI - render Resolution to Size

Authored by Riccardo Gagliarducci (rickyx) on Jan 25 2019, 1:35 AM.



Image dimensions are expressed in pixel and resolution is expressed in dpi:
resolution refers to a physical medium ( therefore the reference to dpi "inches" is used), size is used for the pixel count.

Blender does not output images with information about pixel density and Size is the correct term (ex. as in Photoshop new doc panel).

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The percentage scaler tooltip has been updated accordingly.

Blender does not currently make a distinction between size and resolution. So when a user changes this value in practice it can be to either change the size or the resolution regardless of what is written in the image metadata.

Neither is ideal, and for that reason I think it's better to just leave it as is until there is actually a distinction between these things in Blender.