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VSE new python operators

Authored by Richard Antalik (ISS) on Jan 31 2019, 5:46 PM.



Continuation of D4199.


Fades should be logarithmic with audio:

  • this is a bit more complex actually. tl;dr Harmonic sounds do mix in a different way then non-harmonic
  • I will treat this as a feature request (Do it, when I will look at this todo and feel like I have nothing better to do)

Crash on ceated keyframe remove in curve editor:

  • I will create bug report and fix after I finish higher priority patches & bugs

SEQUENCER_OT_RippleDelete, SEQUENCER_OT_Duplicate_clear_offsets, SEQUENCER_OT_ExtendToFill, SEQUENCER_OT_Concatenate,
Collision detection:

  • None was implemented. If user is not satisfied with result, he can always undo
  • If users will request this feature, I will raise priority, otherwise I would deal with this when rewrite of sequencer timeline will be on table

Excluded operators


  • Step zooming(by mouse wheel) in marked as TODO in v2d C code
  • I will not be able to tinker with v2d code now. Should I include this operator as temporary replacement of missing functionality?


  • Merged with cut operator
  • Should be included in next iteration


  • I may add "secondary" function to grab operator to "jog" with strips, but leave this excluded for now.


  • I will have to sort these out fairly early, as they by large part influence the workflow. Probably after next iteration


Standalone functions used for type handling such as is_2_input_effect, is_effect, ... should be eliminated by including necessary properties for all strips in RNA(input_count, is_effect in this case)
low-level functions like duplicate_strip should be method of strip, so we can have duplicated strip returned: dup = strip.duplicate()
Should I implement these features in this patch?

Idea is, that with reasonably complete API, and interpreted runtime you have almost unlimited possibilities of control. I can already imagine using node editor to create custom operators, probably even without need to modify C code.
Or am I abusing RNA system too much by building a object model for sequencer?

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Peter Fog (tintwotin) added a comment.EditedMay 23 2019, 3:22 PM

Testing your operators by calling them from the Menu: Preview Selected(nothing happens in the end point), CrossfadeSounds(disabled) and Concatenate(error) are broken - the rest of the operators are working.