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Addons: ModuleLoader utility class

Authored by Andrew Williams (sobakasu) on Feb 1 2019, 7:50 AM.



Here is a utility class called ModuleLoader which can be used in blender addons to simplify the code concerned with loading and reloading modules, and registering and unregistering classes.

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Andrew Williams (sobakasu) created this revision.
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Andrew Williams (sobakasu) retitled this revision from Addons: module loader utility class to Addons: ModuleLoader utility class.

Updated to iterate registerable classes in the order that they were defined, which is sometimes required when they have dependencies.

  • added some documentation
  • added a 'LoadedModule' class
  • added register()/unregister() which registers/unregisters classes and also calls register()/unregister() on submodules
  • simplified constructor to just take module name, so caller doesn't need to import sys.
  • fix to only register classes defined by each module and not imported ones
  • constructor now takes package argument
  • added 'include_main' option to register/unregister, to optionally skip main module (needed for rigify legacy mode)
  • added support for dynamically generated classes (used by rigify)

If we include this, I'd rather this be exposed as a 3rd party module addons/modules/ for eg.

I find this kind of abstraction complicates debugging and hands off otherwise fairly simple (if a little tedious) logic off to someone else. Then any problems with order-of-initialization issues are not at all simple to investigate and resolve.

Recursively scanning modules is going to slow down Blender's startup too - although it's hard to say by how much.

If people like to use *magic* to do basic operations like loading modules and registering classes, we can support it, but I wouldn't promote this as an official feature.

Would rather not hide this away from developers.
Having a class lists register isn't so complicated and any errors can be more easily debugged.