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Addons: netrender updates for 2.80 (uses ModuleLoader)
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Authored by Andrew Williams (sobakasu) on Feb 1 2019, 2:12 PM.


  • updated to use type annotations
  • fixed regular expression deprecation warnings
  • fixed issue where slave could delete original blend file when running on same computer as client
  • currently using ModuleLoader class - alternatively update to use register_classes() and add a list of classes

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Event Timeline

  • found a problem in, slave was deleting the original file when running client, master and slave all on the same computer.
  • fixed commented out RENDER_PT_network_output panel
  • fixed render engine constants
Andrew Williams (sobakasu) retitled this revision from Addons: netrender updates for 2.80 to Addons: netrender updates for 2.80 (uses ModuleLoader).

changed class properties to use type annotations

  • updated due to changes in ModuleLoader constructor