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Remove header align default

Authored by Jacques Lucke (JacquesLucke) on Feb 4 2019, 12:55 PM.



As mentioned in T61136.

The problem is that this option does not have an impact for the user.
The selected value is never actually used/it is overwritten immediatly.

There are three possibilities:

  • Only remove the option from the UI.
  • Remove it from RNA and UI.
  • Remove it from DNA, RNA and UI.

It might make sense to just remove it everywhere because it does not really has a purpose.
Let's just always use Top alignment by default (since it is a "header").
This change shouldn't really impact anyone since this default is never used effectively.

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Agreed - It just adds confusion since it appears to do nothing.

@Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) is the one who recently added this option in rB9ea645862cfb: Preferences: add option for header position.

The current state is quite confusing. Instead of having an option, can we copy the header alignment from the existing editor when a new one gets added? When opening a new window we could just always put it at the top.

There are two separate issues,

  • Having a preference for header alignment.
  • How that preference should work exactly.

This was a user request and I think it's reasonable this be a preference.

Currently this option is used when creating new windows (render window, driver editor), however it is confusing in its current state, so it could be made to change the current window (or users who prefer this will have to switch them all manually).

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), the current alignment is already used when switching windows (except in some rare cases).

We could change the current alignment however the user will then need to know to save their startup (since it's window data).

We've done this before though changing the manipulator settings in 2.7x toggled them in all existing 3D views: P907

Or it could optionally apply on file load (from-file/top/bottom). P908

From T61136 it seems this is what @Domenico (Iraito) expects.

Would be interesting to hear from users who prefer this how they would like it to work.

Yes, I see two options:

  • Make it do something useful (ie actually flip the headers of the current windows)
  • Remove it

In its current state, it's both confusing and also rather useless.

Yes, I see two options:

  • Make it do something useful (ie actually flip the headers of the current windows)
  • Remove it

In its current state, it's both confusing and also rather useless.

Personally i would like to use the "header" at the bottom, for years i used those tools at the bottom (since by default that was the placement) and now my brain automatically goes there to find them, i can totally get accustomed to the header being up just like i did for many other things transitioning from 2.7 to 2.8, but it would be appreciated to have at least this as an option, especially since it seems something trivial to implement (correct me if i'm wrong)

The other related issue here, is that headers on the bottom works very poorly in 2.8. They don't work well with popovers which change height. So IMO it's ok to demote bottom headers, and not provide toggle to get them back - this will just create user expectation that headers on the bottom work just as well as headers on the top, which they don't.

It's a bit like the horizontal panels in that way - we removed these to avoid leading users to do something which won't work well. We don't have to remove bottom headers, but they can be demoted.

This might be a bit drastic, but my opinion is to just have headers always at the top, without an option to change it. It looks like all the default workspaces follow this convention already.

That would make the name "header" a bit more useful and could also allow us to implement a footer at some point when necessary.
I see no advantage in providing the flexibility we have now.

@Jacques Lucke (JacquesLucke) I actually agree - won't mind just getting rid of bottom headers completely. It also has the added benefit of making it so the headers go to the top automatically when opening old files. Currently you have to go and do a header switching dance to move them to the top every time.

Committed fix for T61136, since making it work like users expect is no big deal.

Removing header flipping should get its own design task, we could remove region flipping entirely - it allows some very strange layouts.