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UI: Remove Outliner Highlight Selection Gap

Authored by Harley Acheson (harley) on Apr 26 2019, 2:12 AM.



Outliner rows are exactly UI_UNIT_Y high and are shown in alternating darker/lighter colors.

When rows are highlighted - for selection, hover, or search - the highlighted bar does not take up the entire vertical space but instead leaves a gap. That gap generally looks like a dark line under the highlighted row.

The dark line looks like a separator between the items above (and including) the selection and the items below. It also adds complexity and fussiness for no real benefit.

It also takes space away from the row when all the space is needed since active icons have a background circle that takes up almost the entire vertical space. So this dark gap removes the small margin below that icon.

The following image shows how it looks now on the top, showing the gap below the blue bar. The bottom half shows how it looks after this patch is applied with the gap removed, and the icon margin restored.

This change is based on the positive response to the things proposed here.

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This revision is now accepted and ready to land.May 1 2019, 3:37 PM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.

One thing that possible was removed by this as well was the line that appeared when you are moving a collection between other collections, indicating where a the collection would go. This is now missing, I think, and makes re-ordering collections a bit harder and less clear.

True, that is an important indicator. @Harley Acheson (harley) Can you add that indicator back? If not I think we should simply revert this patch.

I think can restore that part of it without reverting. Give me a couple hours - just got up and have to get some coffee in.

@Sebastian Koenig (sebastian_k): ....line that appeared when you are moving a collection between other collections...

Sorry about that, and thanks for noticing!

@William Reynish (billreynish): Can you add that indicator back?

Fixed and restored with this patch: