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UI: Panel Hiding Arrow Change

Authored by Harley Acheson (harley) on May 14 2019, 5:28 AM.



A fairly simple change to consider. Or postpone until later. Or never...

When side panels (and headers) are closed or hidden, there is a little arrow that is used to show it again. I have always found the arrow to look a bit chintzy somehow, not matching the rest of the UI, and a bit small.

This patch changes it from what you see on the left, to what you see on the right:

On its narrow side, it intrudes into the working area no more than the current one. But is wider to make it easier to hit.

The two lines are meant to evoke the items are revealed, and their shape hopefully indicates what it does better than the current one.

It is carefully scaled. So it changes with user scale and also line width, without creating sub-pixel lines or gaps. or getting too narrow or wide.

I hope you like it. But will understand if you think the change unnecessary, especially at this time of release. It is also possible that the visual weight of this is more than we want, so it is worth testing in action.

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It could also be even more subtle. You've made them wider, but I don't think they need to be.

Yes mine gained more prominence than I imagined at first. I’ll make it like your mock-up and we can see how it feels.

Actually when I try making them smaller and less prominent they lose any advantage over the current arrows. To my eye anyway.

So maybe the arrows are best at that size for now. I will probably abandon this line of thought for now unless I get a brainwave. Lots of thing to tinker with...

On the last example, there indeed isn't that big of a difference between the existing and the small new handle. Having one small line makes it pop out even less compared to the arrow. The line aligns with the interface elements and borders, while the arrow breaks that visual order.

I do like the general idea, as the current widgets are small to notice and grab with the mouse.

Abandoning this.

Making these "better" only made them more conspicuous than I want. Keeping them the same size make them no better.