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Sequencer Operators: SelectStripsUnderPlayhead, SelectStripsInChannel and CutHardAndHold
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Authored by Peter Fog (tintwotin) on May 27 2019, 4:22 PM.



Here are some operators intended for the 2.80 release in a proper patch, but was finished too late for the feature freeze. Some elements are from @Richard Antalik (ISS) D4290 ex. the selectunderplayhead(but removed handle selection, as it was not needed for this current purpose).

To complete the current reworked menu selection tools, vertical(Playhead) and horisontal(Channel) strip selection options where missing.

SelectStripsUnderPlayhead, SelectStripsInChannel are the included operators to meant to solve this. Click to watch the gif play:

And since the odd Cut Hard(now called: "Hold Cut") function only seems to be useful for making hold/freeze frames, I coded an operator for this freeze frames purpose, so the Cut Hard could be removed from the UI(I haven't removed it in this patch).

CutHardAndHold is the name of this included operator. Click to watch the gif play:

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As I said these python operators approach is not really confirmed with "higher ups". I still think, that this is a way to go. I guess I should talk this more with @Brecht Van Lommel (brecht).

Another thing is, that as an issue doesn't have as high priority(IMO) as sorting out preview speed, (cache-)proxies and support of mixed framerates. So it is still at least 2-3 releases until I get to this without stress of managing too many things at once.

Perhaps there will be time to work on that earlier, I can not tell (I still see a lot of mainly animation bugs on the tracker).
It shouldn't be too much work, it just requires not to jump from feature to feature.

Now to the main point:
I am not entirely sure if it's good idea to rename operators like that. Personally I don't mind it. But it should be considered, that terminology may be used in codebase, UI, manuals, py API, and also in various tutorials on the net.

Peter Fog (tintwotin) added a comment.EditedMay 29 2019, 9:45 AM

When I wrote about completeness, it is because currently you can select left or right of the playhead, but not at the playhead:

And you can select left or right in a channel, but not all strips in the channel:

(Useful for ex. locking or hide/mute all strips in a channel or quickly changing order of channel contents)