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Add optional subdivision surface support to the FBX exporter

Authored by Samuli Raivio (bqqbarbhg) on May 30 2019, 11:52 PM.



Add option 'Export Subdivision Surface' to the FBX exporter (disabled by default).
When enabled the exporter will write the last active Catmull-Clark subdivision surface modifier
as FBX properties instead of applying it.

Edge crease data is also written to the FBX file if 'Use Creases' is enabled in the subsurf modifier.

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Thanks for the patch, from quick glance looks OK, will have a closer check on it after 2.80 is out (too late to integrate that kind of new features now ;) ).

In the mean time, would be nice to have support added for import as well?

Thanks for the response, no hurry to get into 2.8 :D !

I added support for the import in this diff also. Creating the subsurf modifiers is disabled by default on import, but crease data is always imported.

I also applied the diff to a rebased master as of posting this comment, but there doesn't seem to be notable changes to this diff.

There also seems to be a "version" field for the FBX add-on, but I didn't know whether I should bump it for this.

Please let me know if there's something more that should be done!

By the way, there's some "Context not available." between the diff chunks, does this mean the diff is not correctly applied to the Git repo?

Hi, thanks, patch looks complete then, will check on it and commit after 2.80. :)

Don’t bother about version, I'll take care of it when committing.

(and 'context not available' means that phabricator could not link your patch to a repository, no worries, the patch itself is still valid ;) )

thanks for the patch, seems to work fine, will commit. :)

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Thu, Aug 29, 12:14 PM