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Fix syntax for matrix multiplication in GLTF exporter

Authored by Thane Brimhall (pennomi) on Jun 6 2019, 11:55 PM.



Since the new version of Python bundled with Blender requires matrix multiplication using the @ symbol instead of *, the GLTF exporter crashes on some files. This patch simply uses the new operator.

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Attached is a file that crashes the exporter when using the GLB exporter. With this patch, it exports without crashing.

(Note that the outputted GLB from this blend file still has some serious problems where many viewers can't import it. The animations don't work even in the viewers that load it successfully. That's a separate issue than this patch though.)

Julien DUROURE (julien) added a comment.EditedJun 7 2019, 6:34 AM

@Thane Brimhall (pennomi) Hello Thane,

We are currently keeping a double compatibility 2.79 / 2.80 on the upstream (, until 2.80 is stable. So the change will be manage on the upstream repo to keep this compatibility. Feel free to open a PR there.

Thanks !


Thanks for the heads up!

Turns out the gltf exporter at the GitHub repo already has this fix! I wasn't aware that the 2.8 nightly was so far behind the official repo.

The repo should be up to date, thanks for reporting this issues it let me find an issue in the code that merge code. I will fix it upstream after the weekend.