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Update glTF add-on documentation

Authored by Ed Mackey (emackey) on Jul 15 2019, 3:58 PM.


NOTE: The images did not come through. Here's a Zip file of updated images: Four are modified, the rest are new.

This updates the manual for the glTF add-on to reflect code changes made in recent months, including changes to the way double-sided vs backface culling works, and the way occlusion works.

The screenshots (in the zip file) have all been updated to final 2.80 UI (the color space setting moved, invalidating all the old screenshots).

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Regarding images we use a yellow box to markup images if needed, see for example.


Say The Cycles render engine


This image is unneeded, instead, add a link to where this feature is documented in Blender.


This note should be needed, our docs are for the latest official release so this should always work in these configurations.

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) requested changes to this revision.Jul 15 2019, 10:37 PM
This revision now requires changes to proceed.Jul 15 2019, 10:37 PM

Thanks for the review. I made the changes to the wording, and here are the updated images:

For Backface Culling, Blender actually has more than one place where a setting of that name appears. I've updated the image caption to better explain the relationship of this particular setting to glTF.

Looks good to me, would you like to commit, I can give you commit access.

That would be great, thanks!

You should now have commit access. The login credentials get synced with this website.

I'm new to Differential. Is there an extra step to close this out now that it's been committed?

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jul 17 2019, 3:59 AM

Yeah, I forgot to accept the changes. The close option should appear otherwise. You can also add Differential Revision: in the message of the commit and this will automatically close this.