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Fix T68007: Work around Python 3.7.0 bug in webbrowser

Authored by Rémi Verschelde (akien) on Aug 1 2019, 9:25 AM.



This affects Blender 2.80 and current 2.81 alphas which ship with
Python 2.80, which is affected by this bug:

Due to this Python bug, clicking any link after starting Blender will
generate a traceback the first time. Subsequent calls seem to work fine,
so we just try/except the first failure.

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It's my first Blender patch so I'm not sure I cross-referenced things properly.

Just in case: this aims at fixing T68007.

Instead of this patch we should update python for 2.81

Instead of this patch we should update python for 2.81

I fully agree, that would be the best approach.

If a 2.80a bugfix release is planned though, I guess Python won't be updated in the stable branch so this workaround might be relevant there.

We will handle this by upgarding Python: rB454daf9b6b87: Upgrade Python from 3.7.0 to 3.7.4

If we do a 2.80a release, it would only include critical fixes and I don't think we'd consider this one.