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GHOST/macOS: hide system menu bar in fullscreen
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Authored by Aleksi Juvani (aleksijuvani) on Fri, Aug 9, 10:40 AM.



Blender does not make use of the system menu bar, but instead opts to provide its own menu. This makes interactions with the menu in fullscreen mode annoying, as hovering over Blender's menu bar will also trigger the appearance of the system menu bar, which contains no useful items.

Specifying the NSApplicationPresentationHideMenuBar option also requires specifying NSApplicationPresentationHideDock, but NSApplicationPresentationHideDock does not actually take effect unless we set it on the NSApplication as well, so the dock remains accessible when hovered over.

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@William Reynish (billreynish), do you have an opinion on this?

I personally wouldn't miss the menu bar access when using Blender fullscreen. On the other hand I don't remember accidentally triggering the system menu bar either.

Access to the Apple menu or being able to exit fullscreen with the Window menu might matter to some users, I'm not sure.

For me, it's quite useful, I see no reason to disable it.