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NLA Select option to allow keyboard operations to select tracks for Tweak mode
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Authored by Jaggz H (jaggz) on Sat, Aug 31, 1:02 PM.



Adds a menu item to NLA -> Select, "Keyboard Selections Select Tracks".

Currently it seems only Mouse select will select the tracks for Tweak mode.

This allows A, ], and [ (not yet others, like box select) to select the strips' tracks so Tweak mode can be entered.

I expect comments, so I have left my own printf()'s in here for now, but they are commented out so they do not generate additional output.

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Jaggz H (jaggz) planned changes to this revision.Sun, Sep 1, 2:17 AM

Found some bugs that showed up today but I swear weren't there yesterday. :) Working on it.

I don't know the NLA editor well, adding some people who do.

Probably an option like this should not be specific to keyboard operations (which is making some hardcoded assumptions about the keymap anyway). But rather something more general about how strip and track selection are synced.

Primarily fixed inconsistency in mouse selection.

Is there a reason why this must be an option?

I didn't want to change the existing functionality, which can be useful at times.
For example, you slide a bunch of strips around in the NLA, but have some others that were mouse-selected previously (and therefore their tracks are active), so you can tab into tweak mode to adjust only their curves without seeing *all* the selected strips curves, and without changing your selection again (to limit it to just those you wanted to tweak).

It seems convenient enough to have both and, when working on animations, I found I did actually go between the modes depending on what I was doing.