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Addressing Top Right Viewport Crowding (T64929)

Authored by CandleComet (CandleComet) on Tue, Sep 3, 8:58 PM.
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Implements T64929: Top right of 3D View looks crowded:
This code simply changes the layout of the navigation gizmo icons from horizontal to vertical, and it lightens the default theme color of the 3D view header. Also, the hard-coded tint of the icons was balanced to counteract the lightening of the header color. These changes are meant to deal with the crowded look in the top right of the viewport (See the task).

Here's a screenshot:

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I actually prefer the current default layout, it's easier to reach than this. Maybe this could be an option for those who want to use it that way?

And that lighter header color, will I be able to change it myself in the themes section? Not a fan of it, tbh.

How about making them appear only when cursor hover, you don't need to see them all the time even if u use other input devices & i believe it will work best with this vertical layout.

Thanks, committed rBe08dac5f060b031a9c32f2319a303fc3daf39198

The changes didn't seem necessary & prefer to keep theme changes separate from functionality.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Wed, Sep 4, 3:07 PM


Can't this change be optional? This looks really bad imo.

The buttons are a bit too close to the navigation gizmo, we could match the padding on top and right and move the buttons slightly down.