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Clay Strip brush tweaks

Authored by Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) on Thu, Oct 3, 9:06 PM.
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  • Fix accumulate by allowing normal radius greater than one. Now it works as it should and it should be enabled by default
  • Make the square test sharper. This gives a lot more definition to the brush, even when working with fewer polygons

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  • Fix Strength, Use sharp version by default

Pablo please please please don't start modifying brushes to fit your need, since people like me might use the same brush for another purpose that you don't know ( sometimes i use this brush and i want that weird deformation, and let my imagination fly and make something out of that mess) . Instead make a new brush that will coexist with the old one and everybody can still use the brush that fits their needs. I don't have to explain to you that digital sculpting is about the feeling of the brush not the mathematics behind it.

@Erick Tukuniata (erickblender) What you are seeing in the video is clearly a bug, so it needs to be fixed. Using a sharper falloff may be personal preference, but you can still tweak the rest of the defaults.

  • Better defaults, less sharp
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