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Fix T70454: Environment Texture Node Properties "reload" and "packing" not working

Authored by Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) on Fri, Oct 4, 3:00 PM.



The bug was basically just caused by a missing 'edit_image' and
'edit_image_user' pointer in context for
So adding the following there would be enough to fix the bug:
uiLayoutSetContextPointer(layout, "edit_image", &imaptr);
uiLayoutSetContextPointer(layout, "edit_image_user", &iuserptr);

However, I would suggest using the full-flegged uiTemplateImage (just as
'node_shader_buts_tex_image_ex' does -- instead of a "handmade" subset)
for the following consistency reasons:

  • Layout was using single column for image textures, but not environment


  • Save / Discard feature on editing the image was there for image

textures, but not environment textures

  • Environment textures: Color Space was displayed on node (but not


  • Environment textures: Animation / Sequence settings were displayed on

node (but not properties)

Cant think of a reason for _not_ displaying the whole set for
environment textures (just as for regular image textures)?

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Always nice to solve a bug by removing code. I see no reason for environment textures to have an exception here.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Fri, Oct 4, 3:11 PM