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Transform 3D cursor gizmo
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Authored by Campbell Barton (campbellbarton) on Sun, Oct 6, 6:34 PM.



While this patch works, it exposes some issues which need some thought.

In most cases I've set the behavior to something that seems reasonable,
noting issues below.

  • The cursor tool was intended to keep the same workflow for 2.79 users.

    If anyone is using the Cursor tool for this purpose, the gizmo will get in the way.
  • Having the transform orientations option next to the existing gizmo orientation needs some differentiation.
  • The orientation currently uses the selection unless you use "Cursor" (side-note, in this case users might want cursor by default).

    In practice the default is "Global", so it's not that bad, when the value is "Local" it's a bit confusing that it uses the selected objects orientation, however this is correct since "Cursor" is the cursor local orientation.
  • The ideal pivot point behavior isn't as straightforward as it might be either.

    Currently I've set it so median/bound-box use the cursor center, all other options work the same as object-mode, so active for example will use the active object, vertex, edge... etc.

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rB Blender
TEMP-XFORM-3D-CURSOR (branched from master)
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Buildable 5263
Build 5263: arc lint + arc unit

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Something to note is that setting the pivot to active uses the active object's origin instead of the active vert/edge/face when transforming the 3D Cursor. This has been an issue since last summer, as far as I can recall.