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MESH_OT_separate: take user preferences into account for what data to duplicate along
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Authored by Philipp Oeser (lichtwerk) on Wed, Oct 23, 12:58 PM.



Also remove extra handling of materials [since BKE_object_copy seems to
take care of that already?]

This should probably be done for curves as well (not included here)

Fixes T71038

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rB Blender
T71038 (branched from master)
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Buildable 5444
Build 5444: arc lint + arc unit

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Making the case for current functionality.

It's possible some users run into problems with this change, if they have duplicate materials enabled for e.g. They might not expect separate loose parts to give them many different materials.

It's also less predictable to use operators from scripts when they're using preferences you might not expect.

OTOH, duplicating actions is what users probably expect in most cases, so we could select the flags used from the preferences.

Unless there is a good argument for following material & other options, think this is more predictable.