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Cycles: Add Random Per Island attribute.
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Authored by Omar Emara (OmarSquircleArt) on Wed, Oct 30, 3:57 PM.
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The Random Per Island attribute is a random float associated with each
connected component (island) of the mesh. It is particularly useful
when artists want to add variations to meshes composed of separate
units. Like tree leaves created using particle systems, wood planks
created using array modifiers, or abstract splines created using AN.

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rB Blender
random-per-island (branched from master)
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Buildable 5507
Build 5507: arc lint + arc unit

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Simple example using array modifier:

Thanks a lot for this!

Unfortunately it seems to be failing for some reason, I still have to do some more test to see if it's because of something in my own build, or if it's something in the patch, but right now it does not detect the islands correctly, check the picture:

Also with color:

Again, it may be my build fault, I'll check later :)

  • Fix for non triangular meshes.

Building it as I write :)

  • Adaptive subdivision.