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Sculpt: Multiplane Scrape Brush

Authored by Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) on Sat, Nov 2, 5:21 PM.
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The Multiplane Scrape brush creates sharp edges with a given fixed angle by trimming the mesh with two planes in local space at the same time. When working with stylized or hard surface models, this brush produces way better results and is more predictable than any other crease/flatten brush based on curves and alphas.
It is also the first brush we have than can produce hard surface concave creases.

The Multiplane Scrape Brush also has a dynamic mode where it samples the surface to fit the angle and scrape planes during a stroke. With this mode enabled you can sculpt multiple times over the same edge without creating artifacts.

It can also create creases that change between concave and convex during the same stroke.

The behavior of this brush will improve after merging patches like D5993 and its behavior in concave creases can still be improved, so I will keep tweaking its parameters and default values once we have all brush properties available.

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