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Print time of save in terminal blender is running in.
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Authored by Charles Strauss (shelbs) on Mon, Nov 4, 3:53 AM.
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previous terminal behavior:
Info: Saved "untitled.blend"

this commits behavior:
Info: Saved "untitled.blend" on 19:48:34, 11-3-2019

Now, the user can tell when they previously saved the file, or see how often they have been saving it.

This reduces stress when force killing an unresponsive process. If the user knows when they last saved, killing may be an option, or waiting may be preferred.

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rB Blender

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I'm not an actual c++ developer, just wanted to see if I could make a change. This is simple, however, rarely useful.

I'm fully willing to rewrite my few lines or work on a different section if someone wants to specify. Just trying to learn how to edit blender!