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One more fix for Voxel Remesher preserve volume artifacts

Authored by Leha (leha) on Thu, Nov 7, 10:21 AM.



I noticed that provided better results, but there is still some artifacts appear after voxel remesh. Especially in sharp corners. Then I tested Shrinkwrap modifier on copied mesh and it somehow provided better results. After looking at code and removing that one line from preserve volume code artifacts seems to disappear.

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Leha (leha) created this revision.Thu, Nov 7, 10:21 AM
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Hi. I tested Shrinkwrap modifier one more time, and on very rare occasion found this bug with holes in mesh again. And it can be prevented by setting Limit parameter!
So I think this line

ssmd.projLimit = target_me->remesh_voxel_size;

is important. Sorry, my fault.
But we can increase this Limit a little to prevent artifacts described in the first post.
After some tests I found 7 of voxel sizes is a good value to preserve sharp corners. At the same time it is small enough to not allow holes of shrinkwrap modifier

ssmd.projLimit = target_me->remesh_voxel_size * 7.0f;