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Fix T72054: Sculpt Mode crash when using Relax Mesh Filter with Dyntopo enabled

Authored by Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606) on Sat, Nov 30, 1:05 AM.



This patch fixes 3 bugs:

  • Fix the crash reported in T72054. The BMesh elem table and the was null, so we now ensure that the table exists before running any sculpt tool in dyntopo. The relax function also uses vd.fno in case that is not available.
  • Fix missing updates of the bounding boxes when running the mesh filter. This can be optimized by running the updates only when the filter finishes. Without this, it is impossible to sculpt the user modifies the mesh too much with the filter.
  • Fix incorrect solution of relax vertex when using EEVEE. Relaxing the mesh requires the updated normals after each iteration. This was done by the PBVH rendering code, but when running EEVEE it was using incorrect normals. Now normals are updated after each iteration.

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