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Mandelbrot texture node
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Authored by james egien (cubic_sloth) on Sun, Dec 1, 1:32 AM.



Mandelbrot fractal

iteration Parameter for the number of iterations of the fractal

scale Parameter for controlling the size
positive values are for the regular Mandelbrot and negative values are for the inverted Mandelbrot(image below)

time value for color cycle offset

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rB Blender

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Your patch seems to be missing most of the code, new files are not included.

I would argue that a Mandelbrot texture is too specific to be used practically. Perhaps you can share some practical examples for this texture?

sorry my diff didn't include the files i added

We're unlikely to accept a node like this. It's nice as an example OSL script, but because of maintenance cost and GPU rendering performance impact this should not be built-in functionality.

Is there some real life usage which is common enough which i am not aware of?

While the texture looks cool, having it as a built-in texture have consequences, which Brecht outlined.